Wednesday, November 30, 2011

50 Cent Big10 Mixtape Debuts on Friday December 9th

Debuts on Dember 9th @ 12:00 Noon
10 years ago 50 Cent dropped his first mixtape "50 Cent Is The Future" and now 50 is releasing "The Big 10" as an anniversary mixtape. Back then I still had a tape deck in my car lol...Don't laugh some of you still do!

On Friday December 9th, The Big 10 mixtape will be available online for for free. Be sure to check back here as I will have the mixtape on MWC Radio blog to stream.

In the mean time download these two throw-back mixtapes:

R.I.P. To The Late Comedian Patrice O'Neal

Comedian Patrice O'Neal dies at age 41.
It's never easy to lose someone in life, and I want to send out my condolences to the family of the late comedian and actor Patrice O'Neal. May he always be remembered for his intellect contributions to comedy.

I was shocked to hear the news this week as I browsing the web reading some articles. My first time recognizing Patrice O'Neal was on the Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central. Personally I'm mad I didn't know how funny and intelligent his comedy was.After watching the Charlie Sheen Roast on Netflix, I saw a recommended slot to watch Elephant in The Room-Patrice's last stand-up on Comedy Central (see below).

Not to go on and on, but for the full story on Patrice click on the link to read the full post NY Daily News .

Monday, November 28, 2011

Spit Like Busta Rhymes!--New Track "Why Stop Now" Ft. Chris Brown

Calling-out all you BIG headed people with funny facial expressions and what not. The General, the BIG Homie is releasing a new track "Why Stop Now" featuring Chris Breezy (Chris Brown)! Watch the video and follow the link below and record yourself spittin' like Busta! Then upload it to your youtube account. (SpitlikeBustaRhymes)

Now Busta wants a face that don't quite fit his voice to do the spittage, ya nawhmean (----yes its a word-Y you hatin'). He wants babies, your baby mama, two crack heads, umm Maury Provich with that serious "you are not the father" face. Lol nawwh I'm playin! But for real, he wants some odd-ball looks with this one. Real talk!

And don't ask me for the lyrics! Go old skool and play it-rewind! As a matter of fact S/O to, go there to listen for the full track, aight!

I was gonna try to do my spit but I spin records instead. Lol.

So go ahead and see what you come up with. If you do upload your version, send me the link via email--DJ OHH!  so I can post it up!

Rap Battles Today Son!--It Is Not a Game! SMMMMMAAAACCCKKKKK!


Like football the Ultimate Rap League is a full contact sport! Period. If you look at the logo it looks like a UFC logo.... Hmmmm I wonder if that was the intent.

Anyways, in this post I want to share with you what  emcee battle competition has evolved to--with no beat, straight accapella and a better sense of dramatization for those who don't know..

This battle dates back to July 2010, I think, so don't quote me on that--like you care. Just hit the play button get and  some  good speakers or headphones, (smh) because these two go H.A.M!!

Tell me who you think who won the battle via my twitter DJ OHH! and mention  @mathhoffa or @ayeverb.


URL Presents MATH HOFFA vs AYE-VERB RD 2 & 3

NOTE: The audio right stereo goes out

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rude Jude Vs Floyd Mayweather On Shade45

For my SIRIUS-XM Satellite listeners who keeps it locked on SHADE45, Rude Jude gets an unexpected call from Floyd "Money" Mayweather regarding things said. Now most radio personalities would do the "yes man" and maybe kiss some culo while on the air with Mayweather...not so much for Rude Jude.

If you don't know about the the All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear, you have to cop the SIRIUS for the car, home or iPhone app...Way better than just the radio, radio.. Real talk. 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Skool Moment...
Before I was DJ OHH!, everybody knows me also as OT. This picture to the left (from left to right) is me next to DJ Deez Nuts, Ankoma in his Tribe Called Quest pose lol...and DJ Blendz. We coordinated an emcee battle competition formally known in Providence, RI as Mic-Wars. Before Youtube, back when Myspace was still poppin, we were one of the hottest underground shows at that time. Our main audience were college kids in the area, including the local underground scene buzzing. 

The two stand-out headline acts that I can remember include Masta Ace and Wordsmith. During spring of 2003 Mic-Wars 3 was my first involvement with the competition, and we saw some heavy lyricist come through. Good times...

Check out some clips below just to take you back to a sold out crowd in a small bar... Yes I was lol on stage sideline....

Frankie Riptide vs The Blob

Alius vs Izma (Round 1)

Alius vs Izma (Round 2)

Evil vs Alius (Round 1)

Evil vs Alius (Round 2)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lloyd Banks New Mixtape

New Lloyd Banks!

Brand new Lloyd Banks! This is what's poppin in the iPod right now!

Its been a minute since we heard from the kid, so follow @LloydBanks on twitter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Suicidal Yonkers-DJ OHH! Remix

Exclusive remix by myself (DJ OHH!) and co produced by Ankoma (@Ankoma101).

I took one of my favorite albums of all time-Ready to Die-mixed it with Tyler the creator-Yonkers-beat.

I was listening to that Yonkers beat really hard-like just the instrumental no wolf! Lol. Then it hit me-the Biggie lyrics from Suicidal Thoughts.

So I jumped info the smallest studio on earth and I started to beat match it just to see... I was hearing a perfect match... I was like whoa! Not Black Rob but I mean whoa!

Now my intention was not to follow anybody but the voice inside me to connect the dots. I don't care to some extent if you like it. I did it for the emcee , the DJ, the graffiti artist, for the kid with a cracked iPod screen! Point blank period.

So if you read this far show me some love/hate on my comment box aight!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Ankoma - Flying *Official Music Video* from Trescher Chambers on Vimeo.

Off the Running on Empty album, Ankoma is an up and coming independent artist.

You can download the EP Running On Empty

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beat Box Set from The Cut on Vimeo.
DJ Revolution on the Serato killin' it! For All you hip hop heads you gon' love this! Watch how how he integrates the APC 40 into the mix. This is the future of DJing, and who esle but DJ Revolution to be the frontier of it.  A combination of the retro feel of the turntable but a the progressive feel of today's technology to re-invent the style of turntablism.

Shout out to and follow @djrevolution on twitter.