Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nas Speaks On 'The Source's Top 50 Lyricist List', Longevity & More On MSNBC’s The Ed Show

The Legendary, one of the illest lyricist of all time, Nas was  recognized by the Source Magazine as #2 out of 50 emcees dead/alive.
In the video clip below Michael E. Dyson interviews Nas on receiving the accolade on MSNBC, and speaks about his continuous passion for Hip Hop and a little of his personal life.

The big homie Nas has always been an inspiration to me since his debut album Illmatic, and he always was my top 5 dead or alive. As a youngster playing his music I grew up just listening to it at leisure, but I understand more of his message as an adult now and the messages then are still relevant to the times today.