Saturday, June 23, 2012

DJ Excel Set-Original Record W/ Hip Hop Cuts

I woke up this morning like everyone else on a Saturday to do what?..... Chillax! Now you may be the type to watch TV or clean the house, do a quick load of laundry...Me! I'm up early listening to music, and I stumbled upon DJ Excel, who's been DJing for over 19 years and is an advocate for BlackBerry. That's right BlackBerry you iBitches! LOL I'm kidding... You know I got for love you simple Apple people :-).

LOL....Anyways, So DJ Excel's set (still LOL)  is awesome!

Follow him on twitter @djexcel or visit his website 
Hit play!

DJ EXCEL SET from The Cut on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mix Master Mike Video Performance on Serato

Excuse me as I pick my balls off the ground. (((THUMP))) Mix Master Mike, brought to you by Serato and my BlackBerry PlayBook, just killed it on the turntables. He Hulk Hogan-Lex Luger'd that maphuka! #salute #2shots #blocka!

Now if you are a fan of hip hop you will feel the same way I'm feeling right now.

Hit Play!

Friday, June 8, 2012

URL--Hottest Battle This Year: Ayeverb Vs.. Hitman Holla

Now you know I love to be entertained by rap battles since it originated the emcee we all love to see.

This particular battle between Ayeverb  Vs. Hitman Holla was so dope that at the end of the battle in the last minute is when you officially can make your decision.

There are three rounds in this battle unlimited time. Every round I kept asking myself who is going to win and "damn I don't feel safe after he said that. "

You can cut the tension in the room with a butter knife it was so thick. I will let you (the viewers) decide who you think won.

Brought to you by my BlackBerry PlayBook.  You can follow these two on twitter @Ayeverb and @HitmanHolla

Hit play and let the battle take you away...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DJ OHH! Drops All Black Efreything 5.8

Reporting live from the all new BlackBerry PlayBook, I am more than happy to announce the release of the All Black Efreything 5.8 mixtape/podcast series . Now I know I announced on twitter that I will release on June 5th, but I wanted to ensure that the quality of what I was dropping was tight. Not to mention I got a new mic for recording. :-)

So what's the lineup you ask?

There are two exclusive tracks from Pusha T. going at Lil Wayne "supposedly" and Lil Wayne  replied with his one verse. We also have an "OHHsclusive" track from Diggie Blanco @DTKGMB, unsigned artist, blessing the mic with a freestyle only here on ABE 5.8.  There's alot of new music on the mix.

Play and enjoy!