Friday, October 26, 2012


Another mixtape in the ALL BLACK EFREYTHING series drops  today, and has been a long time coming, #realtalk. After several months of editing and starving the streets, the full 60 minutes and some change has finally arrived!

Now I know I hate to be late with things, but this mix forced me to get my equipment setup better. I'm not a perfectionist by any means, but I critique my work harder than anyone else.

So who's on this mix this time around? Well I put tracks from Slaughterhouse, and I got some Busta, along with Camron, Lupe Fiascoe, Tyga, and a mix of underground and up top Hip Hop. Yes I mentioned Tyga for those of you born in the mid 90s. But I got mad love for everyone.
Hit that play button leave a comment if you feeling it, and if not let me know. AIGHT!!! 

Be on the look out for the net one shortly, Season 2 about to drop!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Chicago Violence

The "outcast" of Hip Hop, Lupe Fiasco, had a recent interview by The Source. Lupe expresses his thoughts on  the 300 plus murders over the summer in Chicago, and the violence amongst the gangs and youth. Watch the interview here for yourself.

I'm not one of those people to criticize what's going on in Chicago, but I can ask one question? How can Hip Hop as a culture bring peace to the streets? Is it lack of programs to prevent violence? Or is it the county or city that has not stepped in with an efficient plan. This ain't back in the the day where we can break dance out issues like Electric Boogaloo.

For 300 people gone in one summer and Chicago is not the murder capital, there's gotta be a new way to bring peace  to where there is hell. Tell me what are some ideas or things ypu have seen how Hip Hop has brought peace.

Sway In The Morning Freestyle: Arsonal & Loaded Lux

"I'm Kevin Durant when letting go from a distance/ I'm guaranteed to hit my target I'm exposing the wittness"-Arsonal

"Ima recorder I take the order that make it mine/Yeah they can rhyme, I just got the shit that the game rewind"-Loaded Lux

BARS, BARS, BARS!!!! I can't and can not stress what these two emcees bring back to the game. BARS! If  you are an emcee and you feel you can compete on a lyrical capacity with them, really ask yourself would I battle these two? Like when you sign into Call of Duty and think you are highly ranked because you put a lot of time into it, think about the quality of  the competition....Was they a bunch of amateurs ....Were they new?....Were they competition for you?....

Arsonal and Loaded Lux have just lifted the BARS for what I like to call ELITE Emcees. Hand picked BARS like a professional Olympian bodybuilder.

Hit Play