Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sway In The Morning Freestyle: Arsonal & Loaded Lux

"I'm Kevin Durant when letting go from a distance/ I'm guaranteed to hit my target I'm exposing the wittness"-Arsonal

"Ima recorder I take the order that make it mine/Yeah they can rhyme, I just got the shit that the game rewind"-Loaded Lux

BARS, BARS, BARS!!!! I can't and can not stress what these two emcees bring back to the game. BARS! If  you are an emcee and you feel you can compete on a lyrical capacity with them, really ask yourself would I battle these two? Like when you sign into Call of Duty and think you are highly ranked because you put a lot of time into it, think about the quality of  the competition....Was they a bunch of amateurs ....Were they new?....Were they competition for you?....

Arsonal and Loaded Lux have just lifted the BARS for what I like to call ELITE Emcees. Hand picked BARS like a professional Olympian bodybuilder.

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