Tuesday, May 22, 2012

50 Cent--The Lost Tape--DJ Drama

50 Cent is yet dropping another mixtape this year with DJ Drama called The Lost Tape. You can listen to it below and download it from datpiff.com.

Fif's last mixtape, The BIG10, was definitely a banger (in my opinion) and featured new female artist Paris! You can also listen to that mixtape here on The Cloud Mix.

Monday, May 21, 2012

DJ OHH! Presents--My Era of Hip Hop-Beta

BEEP--BEEP--BEEP. "My pager is blowin’ up-I gotta go to the payphone right quick," says the guy in the early to mid 90s. That same guy probably had a mixtape-on a sony walkman portable cassette player with some loud headphones… (Sighs) the good old days without gps. unit attached to your hip.

My Era of Hip Hop is based on a simple old school (90s old school) mix of raw uncut records. DJ OHH-Original Hip Hop, brings you back to the time of raw talented emcees that just made you feel real—as oppose to what you feel now when you listen to music. Not to be confused or sarcastic, but back then you can relate to an emcee when he only killed other emcees on the mic! Nowadays, emcees rap about how many they killed with the ooze/shoot missile launchers—yeah right--on Call  of Duty. LOL…

I’m just joking, (straight-face w/ a smile).

Please listen and relax.