Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rock the Bells Festival-36 Chamber Stage

I got less than a few days for the Rock The Bells Festival in Mouontainview, CA on August 25 and 26th. I am gased up and ready to see some legendary and new comers in the Hip Hop game. The bill is so serioous this year from Ice Cube to Wu Block, Nas, Common, Big Daddy Kane, Method-Man and Redman, and a ton more. Even the big homie DMX will be performing. Check out Rock The Bells Festival for more information.

Below is a small clip of what to expect as the Guerilla Union presents the 36 Chamber stage, which is hosted by the RZA. The 36 Chamber stage area will include some other interesting elements such as chess-boxing session, music, multimedia a Karate session, an exclusive RZA booking reading and much more.

Peep the vid...