Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rock The Bells In the Bay Area!!!

"Rock The Bells 2012 (in Montainview, Cali) was one of my best Hip Hop festivals ever!!" -DJ OHH!

Looking back on what an incredible-well put together festival with a buffet of Hip Hop performances from the legendary naughty By Nature,Method Man and Redman, Prodigy and future artists such as J Cole, Yelawolf, Dom Kennedy just to name a few. There's something to be said about how the Hip Hop culture can be wide-spread for all people no matter what our differences. Here I was in the midst of the #BayArea screening what they call Hip Hop, no matter if the artist was regional or recognized world-wide. The crowd loved it, even though hypothetically 95% of the performers shouted out "bay area" to get the crowd's buy-in. 

"Its not where you're from; its where you at."--Mobb Deep

Bay Area Crowd at Rock The Bells 2012
DJ OHH's Highlights @RockTheBells

There were so many highlights for me that I wanted talk about a few and let the videos and picture I captured speak for themselves. I have plenty of video and what you see below is just a snippet of what I captured, so stay tuned for future post with additional video content.

DMX on top of speaker 
hyping the crowd on the 36 Chamber stage

DMX in the crowd while 
performing "Where the hood at"

Supernatural freestyle 
with crowd interaction

J Cole with a live band 
performing at rock the bells


Tell me what you think of the videos above and leave a comment below. Also follow me on twitter @djohhlv.

Big-ups to Rock The Bells and Guerilla Union for putting on a very safe and "smoked-out" event. In Cali, we trust...LOL.A huge shout-out to everyone that came out from the bay, the luv was definitely there. And of course a big standing ovation shout out to all the artists that came out and performed. I know its not hard to come out to Cali for good weather and "Girl Scout Cookies", ya dig lol......

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