Wednesday, September 26, 2012

G.O.O.D Music FREESTYLE on NY's Hot 97-Big Sean, Chyi, Pusha T, & Common

WHOA!!!!!!!!!! ((((FLEX BOMB))))) Roger that--Call of Duty 4--Hit the deck ((((((FLEX BOMB))))))

G.O.O.D Music fully loaded with lyrical combatants, that will assassinate, trip wire, and of course FLEX BOMB the mic!!!! First off, the homie Chyi is just killin it in this freestyle session with a hoodie on sniping the mic, that's the hood "fateegue." I don't know waht happend to Pusha T, but hey every dog has their day... Anyway (((((FLEX BOMB))))) so, Common had the orthodox freestyle just to show face....While Big Sean was reppin the D, Finally Famous, with the 20 programmable adlibs like:

Oh God
Boy again

Enough Said Press Play....

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