Saturday, November 19, 2011

Suicidal Yonkers-DJ OHH! Remix

Exclusive remix by myself (DJ OHH!) and co produced by Ankoma (@Ankoma101).

I took one of my favorite albums of all time-Ready to Die-mixed it with Tyler the creator-Yonkers-beat.

I was listening to that Yonkers beat really hard-like just the instrumental no wolf! Lol. Then it hit me-the Biggie lyrics from Suicidal Thoughts.

So I jumped info the smallest studio on earth and I started to beat match it just to see... I was hearing a perfect match... I was like whoa! Not Black Rob but I mean whoa!

Now my intention was not to follow anybody but the voice inside me to connect the dots. I don't care to some extent if you like it. I did it for the emcee , the DJ, the graffiti artist, for the kid with a cracked iPod screen! Point blank period.

So if you read this far show me some love/hate on my comment box aight!

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