Monday, November 28, 2011

Spit Like Busta Rhymes!--New Track "Why Stop Now" Ft. Chris Brown

Calling-out all you BIG headed people with funny facial expressions and what not. The General, the BIG Homie is releasing a new track "Why Stop Now" featuring Chris Breezy (Chris Brown)! Watch the video and follow the link below and record yourself spittin' like Busta! Then upload it to your youtube account. (SpitlikeBustaRhymes)

Now Busta wants a face that don't quite fit his voice to do the spittage, ya nawhmean (----yes its a word-Y you hatin'). He wants babies, your baby mama, two crack heads, umm Maury Provich with that serious "you are not the father" face. Lol nawwh I'm playin! But for real, he wants some odd-ball looks with this one. Real talk!

And don't ask me for the lyrics! Go old skool and play it-rewind! As a matter of fact S/O to, go there to listen for the full track, aight!

I was gonna try to do my spit but I spin records instead. Lol.

So go ahead and see what you come up with. If you do upload your version, send me the link via email--DJ OHH!  so I can post it up!