Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Skool Moment...
Before I was DJ OHH!, everybody knows me also as OT. This picture to the left (from left to right) is me next to DJ Deez Nuts, Ankoma in his Tribe Called Quest pose lol...and DJ Blendz. We coordinated an emcee battle competition formally known in Providence, RI as Mic-Wars. Before Youtube, back when Myspace was still poppin, we were one of the hottest underground shows at that time. Our main audience were college kids in the area, including the local underground scene buzzing. 

The two stand-out headline acts that I can remember include Masta Ace and Wordsmith. During spring of 2003 Mic-Wars 3 was my first involvement with the competition, and we saw some heavy lyricist come through. Good times...

Check out some clips below just to take you back to a sold out crowd in a small bar... Yes I was lol on stage sideline....

Frankie Riptide vs The Blob

Alius vs Izma (Round 1)

Alius vs Izma (Round 2)

Evil vs Alius (Round 1)

Evil vs Alius (Round 2)